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Water quality monitoring

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'River Chief' Water Quality Monitoring Solutions

The “River Chief” river water quality monitoring system solution provides a comprehensive water quality monitoring program design for the implementation of the “River Chief system. It is important to grasp the water quality of major rivers in a timely, accurate and effective manner, to forecast major or basin water pollution accidents, and to supervise the implementation of the total control system through on-site inspection, real-time continuous monitoring and remote monitoring of water quality. The solution includes the Internet of Things management platform, water quality monitoring center, shore station, water quality monitoring buoy, on-site water quality testing box five parts.  



Agricultural Drinking Water Safety Engineering Solutions

Our company supplies portable water quality comprehensive testing box for large-scale water plants which can test 9 indicators. It has advantages as follows:

1. Small size, easy to operate, easy to carry 

2. Fully meet the requirements of the test project standard

3. Practical

4. Complementary reagents and equipment are available

5. Reasonable costs



Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring Solutions

1. Highly integrated multi-parameter water quality online monitor, remote uploading of data through GPRS, combined with the instrument cloud platform

2. Supervise the water quality management of business units, urge them to replace and purify water in time, and ensure water safety

3. Portable testing box facilitates on-site inspection, mobile law enforcement



Sewage plant water quality monitoring solutions

1. Importance

Equipment, personnel and water quality management are the three elements of the normal operation of sewage plants. The commissioning and operation of wastewater plants are inseparable from timely and accurate analysis of data of the laboratory.

2. Laboratory construction

Looking around other industries, there are mature and constantly updated technical professional norms, and the technical specifications for the construction of sewage plant laboratories are relatively lagging behind. Therefore, the construction of water quality laboratories in China's small and medium-sized sewage treatment plants has a lot of room for improvement.



Secondary Water Supply Water Quality Monitoring Solutions

It is designed according to the requirements of GB/T17051-1997 Hygienic Standard for Secondary Water Supply Facilities and the requirements of the purchaser. It can monitor the Turbidity, pH, Residual Chlorine, Conductivity, and Temperature values of community water quality and tank water quality continuous or intermittent automatically.

Main Features

1. Highly integrated multi-parameter water quality online monitor, remote uploading of data through GPRS, combined with the instrument cloud platform

2. Basic information of water tank, real-time monitoring of water quality, historical data, statistical analysis, warning management, meteorological information, system management and other modules.

3. Ensure water quality safety by monitoring the water quality of the water supply terminal.

4. Improve water quality by mastering the water quality information at the middle end of the water supply.