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◆In 1940, Mr. Rong renben set up the research office of lightning magnetoelectrochemistry at no.8 yongjia road, engaged in the research of small-scale electrochemistry, manufacturing paint resistance, and began the development of electrochemical instruments.Lightning magnet is the birthplace of China's first pH meter and the birthplace of China's analytical instruments.

◆ In 1953, it was renamed thunder magnetoelectrochemical instrument industry association.China’s first pH glass electrode and pH meter were born in Rex.
◆ In early 1960s, Rex 25-type pH meter and 27-type conductivity meter occupied most part of the domestic market.
◆ In mid/late 1960s, it successfully developed auto-potential, non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer and provided specialized equipment for national defense and military during the decade-long calamity, for the defense industry to provide, such as providing online pH meter, conductivity meter, ion meter, trace, etc. for the first nuclear submarine.
◆ In 1973, the first batch of chlorine, bromine, iodine, copper, lead ion selective electrode was born.
◆ In 1970s, it developed the first water pollution monitoring car in China and provided various parameter analyzers for the domestic first “Changqing” Water Pollution Monitoring Vessel and QJC-781 Air Pollution Monitoring Car.
◆ In 1970s, it provided Coulomb given oxygen meter, pulse given oxygen meter, given carbon and sulphur instrument, given oxygen analyzer, X-ray diffraction and X accumulation phase for domestic metallurgy, iron and steel industries.
◆ In 1980s, according to central government directives of “Water in South & Gas in North”, Rex Products focused on “water”.
◆ From 1984 to 1986, it introduced water quality analyzer, power station water quality analyzer and sensor manufacturing technology from ABB Kent. In 1989, the company introduced from GIMHT turbidimeter manufacturing technology to become online dominant product after digestion and absorption.
◆ In mid 1980s, it successfully completed the “Seven Five-year” key project, developed industrial pH meter and transmitter series products, ions dissolved oxygen analyzer, automatic potentiometric titration series and build the first 785-type water quality monitoring station in China for Shanghai “Upstream Water Diversion Project”.
◆ In mid/late 1980s, it took the lead to adopt computer technology in pH meter, ionometer and introduced the first generation of intelligent electrochemical analysis instrument in China.
◆ In 1990s, it used computer technology in various types of equipment, so as to enhance the overall level of technology equipment and get closer to international standards.
◆ In 1993, it successfully developed the national “Eighth Five-year” key project HRSJ-103A infrared gas analyzer.
◆ In mid 1990s, its power quality analyzer series won the “National Recommended Product” and the company completed national “Ninth Five-year” key project- computer system project for power quality analyzer series, pushing the intelligent instruments to systematic and network development.
◆ In mid/late 1990s, Rex took the lead to produce virtual electrochemical analysis instruments by using computer technology, which can control and monitor in remote area by software and independently developed electrochemical laboratory LIMS system, online water quality (COD, NH4-, F-, PH, ORP, DO, EC, TDS, T) collection, and monitoring systems.
◆ In the 21st century, Rex Products are developing towards high integration and has developed a number of high-precision, high-integrated electrochemical analysis instruments, providing a large number of instruments for the petroleum, petrochemical, health disease control, pharmaceutical, quality control universities, etc.


◆ In September 2003, modular automatic potentiometric titration and on-line COD monitoring device were developed.
◆ In December 2004, COD-580 On-line COD monitoring device passed the  Certification of Environmental Protection Products.
◆ In March 2006, ZDJ-5 automatic potentiometric titrator won the “CISILE Innovation Award”.
◆ In October 2006, On-line water quality monitoring system passed the Shanghai Key Project Acceptance.
◆ In September 2007, micro co-lead analyzer project co-developed with East China Normal University passed the identification of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.
◆ In October 2007, DWG-8002A-type automatic ammonia and nitrogen monitor passed the National Measurement Identification.
◆ In December 2007, ZDJ-5 automatic potentiometric titrator won the “Shanghai Innovation Brand Product”.
◆ In March 2008, PXSJ-226 ion meter was awarded the “CISILE Innovation Silver Award”.
◆ In April 2008, COD-580 on-line water COD water quality analyzer passed the certification of China Environmental Protection Product.
◆ In July 2008, DWG-8002A automatic ammonia and nitrogen water quality monitor passed the certification of China Environmental Protection Product.
◆ In 2008, DZS-708 Model multi-parameter instrument was awarded “BCEIA Gold Award”.
◆ In November 2008, DWG-8002A automatic ammonia and nitrogen monitor won the “Excellence Product Award of CIS”.
◆ In April 2009, ZDJ-520 on-line automatic titrator won the “Silver Award of CISILE Independent Innovation”.
◆ In June 2009 ZDJ-520 on-line automatic titrator won the Scientific Instrument Innovation Award of China International Biotechnology Equipment Fair.
◆ In December 2009, “Rex” brand was recommended as the Shanghai Equipment Manufacturing and High-tech Industry Independent Innovation Brand.
◆ At present, Shanghai Rex Products are divided into three categories: laboratory electrochemical analysis instruments, online electrochemical analyzer and system and electrochemical sensors. Dozens of series and systems: PH meter, ionometer, conductivity meter, dissolved oxygen, multi-parameter, automatic titrator, environmental analyzer, water purifier, moisture meter, azotometer, etc.

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