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The new standard and new method - "Lei magnetic" assists GB/T176-2017 "Chemical analysis method of cement" standard publicity

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The GB/T176-2017 "Chemical Analysis Method for Cement" standard was issued on December 29, 2017 and will be formally implemented on November 1, 2018. "Lei magnetic" actively develops special equipment for R&D according to the requirements of the standard, and has introduced a ZDCL-1 type chlorine ion automatic potentiometric titrator specially designed for measuring chloride ion content in cement.

The new standards closely follow the changes of international standards and foreign advanced standards, combined with the development of China's detection technology and analytical instruments, added a variety of methods, and revised some of the standard terms. In order to enable enterprises to grasp the situation as soon as possible, the Shanxi Provincial Building Materials Quality Inspection and Testing Center held the GB/T176-2017 "Concrete Chemical Analysis Method" new standard publicity training course from June 11, 2018 to June 12, 2018.

Shanghai Yidian Science Instrument Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the meeting and took "GB/T 176-2017 Analysis Method of Cement Chemical Analysis Method --- Analysis of Chloride Ionization Method" as the theme for the determination of chloride ion in cement. Explained in detail, and carried ZDCL-1 type automatic potential titration instrument of chlorine ion to make its debut at the site. It provided training for the students on the operation and assisted the improvement of the laboratory capacity of the building materials industry. The special type and ease of use of the ZDCL-1 type chlorine ion automatic potentiometric titrator were highly valued by participants.