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From 1953 to 1965, “Shanghai Rex Instrument Factory” was established.
   ◆ In 1953, Mr. Rong Renben created the Rex Electrochemical Research Laboratory: Address: No. 12, Lane 14, Weihaiwei Road; China’s first PH meter and glass electrode came into the world.
   ◆ In June 1956, it was renamed to Shanghai Rex Instrument Factory and relocated to No. 525, Yongjia Road, Shanghai
   ◆ In September 1958, 50-type digital simulation computer was developed.
   ◆ In September 1959, square-wave spectrometer was developed successfully to grant a gift to the tenth anniversary of National Day.
   ◆ In February 1961, it was relocated to Changji Road, Anting Town, Jiading County.
   ◆ In 1963, the Instrument Bureau adjusted industrial production layout that Shanghai Rex Instrument Factory began to produce electrochemical analytical instruments concentrated analytic instruments instead of nuclear analytical instruments and computers.
From 1966 to 1982, according to industrial layout adjustment of Instrumentation Bureau, it changed its name to “Shanghai Second Analytical Instrument Factory”
   ◆ In 1979, it successfully developed the “Changqing” water quality monitoring ship.
   ◆ In 1981, it successfully developed QJC-781 air pollution monitoring car.
From 1983 to 2000, it recovered its name to “Shanghai Rex Instrument Factory”.
   ◆ In 1984, it introduced complete power online monitoring and analysis instruments from UK Kent Company.
   ◆ In 1985, it won the title of “Civilized Unit of Shanghai Instrument Telecommunications Industry Bureau”.
   ◆ In February 1985, Rex Xinjing Branch was established.
   ◆ In 1989, it won the title of “National Class B Enterprise”.
   ◆ In September 1989, Gas Branch of Rex Instrument was established.
   ◆ In 1991, it won the title of “Shanghai High-tech Enterprise”.
   ◆ In April 1992, Rex Pudong Integrated Factory was established.
   ◆ In March 1993, Rex • Chuangyi Instrument Co., Ltd. was established on the basis of the Gas Branch and cooperation between the parties from Hong Kong and agricultural area.
   ◆ In 1993, the national “Eighth Five-Year” key project HRSJ-103A infrared gas analyzer was successfully developed.
   ◆ In 1997, it won the title of “Shanghai Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise” .
   ◆ In March 1997, it acquired Shanghai Electro-optic Devices Factory to establish Shanghai Rex Instrument Factory.
   ◆ In December 1998, it passed the Certification of ISO9002 (1994) Quality Management System.
From 2001 to now, according to the corporate entity demands, it changed to “Shanghai Precision Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. Rex Instrument Factory”, i.e., the present “Electrochemical Products Division of Shanghai Precision Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd”..
   ◆ In 2001, according to the entity requirements of Precision Scientific Instrument, it changed to Shanghai Precision Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. Rex Instrument Factory.
   ◆ In March 2002, it passed the Certification of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.
   ◆ In August 2002, it completed “Ninth Five-Year” key research project, power plant water inspection system, automatic test system technology and equipment, winning the First Award of National Machinery And Technological Progress.
   ◆ In November 2003, the fiftieth anniversary of factory establishment was held.
   ◆ In December 2004, it passed the Certification of ISO14001: 2000 Environmental Management System.
   ◆ In December 2004, COD-580 on-line COD monitoring device passed the Certification of Environmental Protection Products.
   ◆ In March 2006, ZDJ-5 automatic potentiometric titrator won the “CISILE Innovation Award”.
   ◆ In October 2006, online water quality monitoring system passed the key project acceptance of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.
   ◆ In September 2007, micro co-lead analyzer project co-developed with East China Normal University passed the identification of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.
   ◆ In October 2007, DWG-8002A-type nitrogen automatic monitor was developed.
   ◆ In December 2007, ZDJ-5 automatic potentiometric titrator won the “Shanghai Innovation Brand Product”.
   ◆ In March 2008, PXSJ-226 ion meter was awarded the “CISILE Innovation Silver Award”.
   ◆ In April 2008, Rex electrochemical analysis instruments won the title of “Shanghai Famous Brand”.
   ◆ In July 2009, it moved to Shanghai Precision & Scientific Instrument Rex Electrochemical Technology Industrial Park.
   ◆ In December 2009, “Rex” brand was recommended as the Shanghai Equipment Manufacturing and High-tech Industry Independent Innovation Brand.
   ◆ In April 2010, Rex was awarded the title of “Shanghai Model Unit” by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

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