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Enterprise development

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● Mr. Rong Renben set up the REX electrochemical research lab at No. 8, Lane 229, Yongjia Road, worked on electrochemical research, manufactured coating resistors and began to develop electrochemical instruments

1953  Renamed as REX Electrochemical Instrument Industry.

1956  Introduced the public-private partnership, it was reestablished as REX Instrument Factory.

1966  It was renamed as Shanghai Secondary Analytical Instrument Factory.

1983  The name of "Shanghai REX Instrument Factory" was restored.

2001  Became a subsidiary of Shanghai Precision Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

2011  The INESA Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. was established. As a pilot of the state-owned enterprise reform of Shanghai     SASAC, the institutional system was successfully transferred.  

2015  According to the transformation and development strategy of INESA Group, it was introduced into the listed company INESA intelligent tech as a high-quality asset, and became one of the major suppliers in the detection and sensing business of smart cities.


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