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"Lei magnetic" turbidity meter in the 45th World Skills Competition national trials of water treatment technology projects show

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In order to fully prepare for the 45th World Skills Competition, the 45th World Skills Competition national selection competition in the Shanghai Division, the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai opened the curtain.

"Lei magnetic" as an expert in water quality analysis, and Shanghai Municipal Environmental School in cooperation with the water treatment technology project to provide sponsorship support, sponsored instrument for the WZB-170 portable turbidity meter, mainly used for turbidity competitions. In order to provide high-quality event services for participating teams from all over the country, the National Tournament was successfully held. In accordance with the organizer's arrangements, on the morning of June 11th, we went to the 7.2H Stadium of the China International Exhibition Center to conduct on-site installation and commissioning of the equipment, and everything from equipment unloading and handling, equipment assembly and set-up to equipment debugging, and so on were well-organized and well-organized. In order, everyone's sweat and smile filled the stadium.

The competition time of the turbidity project is scheduled on June 14th. At the scene, the players first read the instructions for use and then operate the instrument to test the blindness of the game. The operation process is organized and the professional qualities of the water treatment personnel are demonstrated. The stability and reliability of 19 turbidimeters (17 for competitions and 2 for backups) of turbidity meters sponsored by “Leimagnetic” have met the expectations and are highly recognized by the responsible teachers of Shanghai Environmental School.

"Leimagnetic" is looking forward to provide more and more applicable water quality analysis instruments for water treatment and testing in higher vocational colleges and contribute to the cultivation of high-skilled talents in the motherland.